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AccuStandard is a producer of Chemical Reference Standards. Since 1986, the company has grown to the optimum size for customer service. With 60 people (1/3 are degreed chemists), they are large enough to have the resources to support your needs and ours, and small enough to respond quickly. The AccuStandard brand has over 40,000 products currently. You will find a diverse range of reference standards below.



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Accustandard Master Catalogue


This catalog combines all previous catalogs into one (Organic, Inorganic, Petrochemical, International and Plastic Additives). In addition, it has over 1,000 new products and is easier to use, with an analyte index as well as the CAS and Catalog Number indices.








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Accustandard Flame Retardants

2flameLastest List 205 PBDEs Congeners, 60 PBDE Metabolites (Hydroxy and Methoxy derivatives), New Bromine containing Industrial Flame Retardants. PBDE Mixtures, EPA Methods 1614, 527 and ISO/DIS 22032. Fluorinated PBDEs (Derivatives such as Fluoro Analogs that can be used as a replacement for expensive deuterated compounds). HBCD Isomers, Bromobiphenyl Congeners, Bromophenol and Bromoanisoles, and Industrial Flame Retardants.







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Accustandard BioFuels Catalogue


5biofuelsBiofuels, including Biodiesels, are processed from many different biomasses and are analyzed in refinery laboratories for many of the same reasons that petroleum products are analyzed. The Biofuels line is the most comprehensive available and includes FAME Mixtures for the most popular biomass sources, FAEE Mixtures, standards for Sulfur analysis, Physical standards and Wear Metal standards. Custom formulations are available. Standards for ASTM and European EU methods are also included.






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Accustandard Pesticides Catalogue



Pesticide Desk Reference Guide with over 700 pesticides contains technical information such as:

chemical name, structure, CAS number, molecular formula, molecular weight, physical state and for most: solubility, specific gravity, melting or boiling point, flash point and common synonyms. It also includes  standard formulations for over 50 EPA and international pesticide methods.







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Accustandard Explosive Catalogue



We offers over 54 single analyte compounds such as TATP, TEGDN, HMTD, PETN and others. These are offered as dilute solutions. AccuStandard also offers mixtures for use when analyzing to US EPA Methods 8330, 8095 and 529, German DIN 38407-21.