General Laboratory Equipment

Erweka 626 Dissolution Tester


Dissolution Tester 626The basic stand-alone Dissolution Tester for all Laboratories and Universities where high quality is required but the budget is limited. The unit is of the same quality as the other ERWEKA Dissolution Testers but it is downgraded in respects of comfort and electronics.

The user interface, water bath, heating system, metal-free construction and drive mechanism is similar to the DT 720 series but instead the DT 620 uses fix drive head in High-Head operation position and therefore only is available in combination with the UniShaft srew-on Shaft system.

The DT 620 series is designed for holding 6 vessels (250/1000/2000 ml) and 6 Paddles/Baskets/Rotating Cylinders.

  1. Automatic height adjustment of Paddle/Basket
  2. Automatic Vessel centering
  3. One-piece leak-free moulded, illuminated (optional) water bath (1000 ml version only)
  4. External flow-through heating system; accuracy +/- 0.2°C
  5. Internal PT 100 temperature sensor for water bath temperature display
  6. Quick adjustment/calibration routine for temperature sensor
  7. Wobble less than 0.2 mm at delivery (Paddles)