General Laboratory Equipment

Hardness, Diameter, Thickness and Weight Tester


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The ERWEKA MultiCheck 5.1 is a universal testing device for fully automatic measurement of sample weight, thickness, diameter/length and hardness, as well as optical capsule length (optical system), capsule weight as well as sample width (optical system).

The advanced design of the unit, beginning even from the outside, shows the innovative functions such as switchable hardness testing principle (“Constant-Speed” and “Constant-Force”), fully automatic speed adjustment of tablet singulation and transport, independent of sample size and surface, advanced high-accuracy thickness measuring system and state-of-the-art alignment tool for irregular shaped oblongs and coated tablets.

The new MultiCheck 5.1. comes with a system for separation of the samples via an oscillating funnel. This system eliminates the need of vibrator strength adjustment as previously necessary for the other MultiCheck versions.