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Certification & Quality Control


01.pngIndependent certification: ESS was the first sample container company to have independent certified laboratories analyse Quality Certified™ Class and PreCleaned Certified™ Class containers, and ESS is the ONLY company to provide actual test results with each case of QC Class product. If litigation is a concern, ESS QC Class containers give the ultimate certification, keeping your company one step ahead of the competition.


Lower detection limits: ESS was the first and is the ONLY container supplier to test below drinking water levels, providing the lowest detection limits for organic and inorganic parameters.


Direct Trace®: ONLY ESS can trace QC Class containers two ways:


(1) The QC lot number can trace containers to independent QC analytical reports (included in each case of QC Class containers) which are backed up with standard laboratory audit procedures; and


(2) the ability to trace QC Class containers to their exact destination of purchase. ESS is the ONLY container company to offer this "cradle to grave" feature. Direct Trace® is based on the original U.S. EPA Superfund container tracking requirements.


Direct distribution and dedicated warehouses: ONLY ESS sample containers are stored in ESS warehouses. ESS does not store its containers with thousands of other laboratory items such as chemicals, solvents or fuels. With our direct distribution there is only one step in the chain of custody that has to be accounted for: shipment from ESS to your facility. There is no tighter or more sensitive chain of custody in the industry.


EPA certification: ESS PC Class containers are provided with certification that exceeds U.S. EPA standards for precleaned containers.


Experience: The ESS staff has more experience in the precleaned sample container field than any company in the industry.


QA Program: In the precleaned sample container industry, ESS is the ONLY company to offer a distinctive Quality Assurance Program. For a copy of our Quality Assurance Manual, call 1-800-233-8425.


ESS' cleaning procedures are based on the U.S. EPA "Specifications and Guidance for Contaminant-Free Sample Containers"