General Laboratory Equipment



Centurion WS Purge and Trap Autosampler


The NEW Centurion WS Purge and Trap Autosampler offers a level of reliability and automation that labs have been waiting for.











02Encon Evolution


Introducing the NEW EST Encon Evolution purge and trap concentrator. EST Analytical continues the evolution of purge and trap technology with the lowest carryover on the market, fastest cycle time, and easy to use graphical display











03Centurion Water Only Purge and Trap Autosampler


The heart of the Centurion is a rugged X-Y-Z platform using a state of the art fiber optic vial sensor to position the sample needle over a sample vial rather than transporting the vial to the needle.










High Throughput Systems


Over the past several years, due to improvements in column technology, EPA Methods such as 8260 that used to be performed in 20 to 30 minutes can now be performed in about 10 minutes without sacrificing resolution.


04Markelov HS9000


The HS9000 utilizes a closed sample introduction system. Unlike syringe injection systems, the loss of headspace vapor during the injection process due to vapor pressure changes is never a concern. In addition to the sensitivity benefits of the Dynamic Headspace technology, the HS9000 delivers the added flexibility of performing traditional fixed loop injections and time-based injections incorporated within a single system.







05EST Cobra Autosampler


If you are looking for a sampling system to replace an older, less reliable autosampler, the Cobra L/S is the logical choice.




06EST LC-241 HPLC Autosampler


The new LC-241 PLUS was designed as a low cost routine HPLC sampling system. The LC-241 PLUS can perform unattended repetitive automatic sampling as well as fast and simple single sample injections.