General Laboratory Equipment

TruMac™ N Series



Nitrogen/Protein in True Macro Organic Samples


Easily analyze nitrogen/protein samples up to 3 g in as little as 4.8 minutes with the TruMac. Characteristically heterogeneous, difficult to prepare, or low-level samples are easily analyzed at a low cost-per-analysis. Ideal for soils, feeds, meats, starches, slurries, or wastewater. A newly-designed, 50-position sample loader thoroughly automates macro sample handling, yet requires minimal maintenance.


  1. Unique ceramic horizontal furnace
  2. Large, reusable sample boats retain sample ash for automated post-analysis removal from furnace.
  3. Rugged autoloader provides automated analysis of up to 50 pre-weighed samples.
  4. Complies with AOAC, AACC, AOCS, and ASBC methods of analysis

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