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Zero Air Generators - UHP ZA Series


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The Parker Domnick Hunter UHP-ZA zero air generators produce a continuous stream of organic impurity free air from an external dry compressed air source and offer superior limits of detection over and above other modes of supply. Flow rates range from 1 L/min to 30 L/min.


The UHP-ZA generators feature an interchangeable top panel facilitating the direct mounting of any Parker Zero Air Generators - UHP ZA SeriesDomnick Hunter hydrogen generator. The stackable system forms an innovative, modular FID gas station suitable for all known GC combustion detectors such as FID, FPD and NPD.


UHP-ZA generators may also be used in many other chemical analysis and life science applications, including LC/MS source gas, zero and combustion gas for total hydrocarbon analysers and as a gas sensing calibration and dilution gas.


A range of tailored service contracts, extended warranties and global manufacturing capabilities provide comprehensive aftermarket support.


Features & Benefits

  1. High performance heated platinum catalyst
  2. OIL-X EVOLUTION filtration technology
  3. Modular and stackable with all Parker Domnick Hunter hydrogen generators
  4. Digital temperature display
  5. Compact and robust design
  6. Simple installation and operation
  7. Global manufacturing support