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Elementec supply a complete range of High quality Dissolution consumables.



Our complete line of dissolution consumables and accessories are engineered and manufactured to the precise specifications of machine manufacturers and the USP.


Headquartered in Bridgewater NJ, Quality Lab Accessories LLC (QLA) carries a full line of consumables and accessories fabricated specifically for the dissolution industry. Throughout the world customers’ needs are met with unsurpassed customer service and the highest quality products available in the industry.




QLA Dissolution Vessels comply with USP (711) and with the associated original equipment manufacturers dimensional specifications. This is extremely important because the vessels associated with various Dissolution Baths are not dimensionally the same. Replacing a vessel with one not specifically designed for the instrument, could impair vessel centering. Also larger or smaller vessel inside diameters can change hydrodynamics. Both variables could impact dissolution rates. Some suppliers offer “one size” generic vessels for all Dissolution Baths.






QLA offers electropolished 316 stainless steel paddles and a proprietary flouropolymer paddle (Patent Pending). The flouropolymer paddles provide a seamless construction eliminating corrosion and contamination encountered with conventional three-piece assemblies. Both styles comply with USP (711) and original equipment manufacturers dimensional specifications. All QLA paddles are precisely manufactured to limit rotational wobble to levels far below USP (711) specifications







QLA offers both clip on style and O-ring style Baskets for most Dissolution Baths. Both meet the associated original equipment manufacturers dimensional specifications. Clip style Baskets also comply with USP (711) specifications. All QLA Baskets are made from electropolished, sintered 316 stainless steel. The sintering process essentially creates a welded joint at each overlapping wire junction. Sintered Baskets are stronger and last longer. They retain original dimensions and geometry and resist wobble. Most conventional Baskets are not sintered and weaken over time. Critical Basket geometry is verified on an optical comparator.



For our full range of products please download the QLA catalogue at the top of this page.